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Thank you

Updated: Apr 2

the twenties

Inspired by a Bellah Mae song

Thank God you were

a part of my twenties

The woman that thought all

she needed was ‘plenty’

Shopping, for relief

Scared of it

getting taken away

Sparks of heart, tempted

It will start to feel (more) OK

To be here and present

To feel this

On account of the possibility

of turning interrupted’s page

Empty, ‘something’ - addled,

Not knowing what to itch for

Here is the gritted teeth portion, called Stay

You were a part of my twenties

Not you, but what you represent

The drum beat looped

That I can’t ignore

Whiplash from the fire

and the venti

Cycling vents

Distraction, never nourishes

that stage

Ricochet, neutralising

the craving for plenty

‘Greedily’ turning forward

Palm placed on my chest

Beating out society’s insane

Heartbeat marks pages

of purity

My voice, this name

And, as I wriggled,

Freeing, from thawed-out skin

You wake up in obscurity

Jerks, that were never sins

Touching into the power, mine

Muffled by the cycling din

Shifting from the dialogue

Opening up

and slamming it

The who that was always within

Giving this voice a stage

Who becomes whoever, whatever

Wherever, for the you, me, at every stage

I shedded me, to accept you

The battery, and their life force, needing to disengage

Shifting, uncomfortable

Tomorrows will be new firecrackers

and stepping in

Open my mouth and justs of empty

Unifying, the plenty

Teams gathering

We were told we’d never be our own stage

But, ours, was every one

you never put me on

On account of my (justified) rage

Was thinking about shopping for clothes, or searching for something, anything to ‘fix’ me, to start with. The quest for daily dopamine and to feel soothed, if only temporarily.

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