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Updated: Jan 1

Hi, I’m Tara. I am a poet and writer, from the UK. I write about many aspects of mental health and, also, about trauma and ADHD.


Gotta get right, All the words


The words in my head

Remember to remember

Remember to forget


Don’t let me fade like clouds do

Dismiss me, negate my feelings as alien voodoo

My fluffy lightness, disappearing with every comment

I feel threatened by memories, new and historic With each treacherous downpour,  

each tense shake during a breath out

I remind myself of my brain’s power

Taking myself out, I look -

Fly above

In my mind, I let out peaceful sonnets

Swarming with self-doubt

To escape, until I can be alone, I stay calm Escaping what can be home, perhaps, is ironic Look at phone, collect chaotic thoughts

Mashed in a tube of lip balm, to hydrate

Sat alone for the first few moments

The peace within, I need to zone in or

out for

To create

I need to cry

I should matter to you enough

For my face, after seeing you, to be dry

Instead, I hide behind my raincloud

Feeling worthless

And you don't need to try

And, as darkness leaves me

Standing, only, in pretend

Waiting, for the sobs to come safely

The sky opens

and tears descend



tara talks poetry



Blood pours



at the undoing

But when it’s stitched up


Handled with care

Hearts glow beautifully

They just need the right




That’s you

To tend to them gently


And, on the road to unconditional

Perhaps, you invite another in



The wonderful and beautiful

Burnt through with the dark rays

Heatstroke killing moments

Heaviness leading astray

I doubt myself,

As I’m warmed slowly

revulsion separates me

Whilst I fly away

Burning doubt infected who I could be

Self- belief, an alien concept

Inner love that I crave

Cooling down the sore spots

Beyond capable, of being brave


Ex-planations and motivations

I’m articulate,

Articulate, only, in my head

Brains goes to mush

Reproducing broken words

Words, through which, I’d bled



Dancing, to the sound of a vehicle reversing

Finding beats everywhere

You’re the ones not seeing it, not reaching

You can make music here - or there

I’d rather see magic in the mundane

and monotonous

The NEVER monotonous

Whilst you’d rather sneer at arms raised

Tyres screeching in avoidance and bewilderment

Joyous smiles firing up the motor

If life’s music gets the engine going,

who cares where the brain went

I’d rather live outside the cage


I have a couple of slightly different versions of this one..

(longer version)

Tara Star


People pleasing, I ‘disappointed’,

feel I did something ‘wrong’



taratalks ADHD trauma

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