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Hi, I’m Tara

Updated: Jun 22

Poetry - ADHD - trauma - spoken word

Sitting in silence for a moment

and not waiting for my voice to fill the

moment with whizzing planes,

frantic voices, revving cars

Calm in the chaos

Feeling, not examining, your scars


(I do wayy too much examining!)

Hi! I’m Tara. I live in the UK.

Having lived in London for years, I ended up moving out during the pandemic.

Am ADHD (and, potentially, autistic) and have experienced trauma.

I love writing poetry and here are some of my older pieces ..

This is me.


Being me

You bend and you flow / Like you know which way is home / Dripping in confidence / for one not fully grown / You suffocate and stifle / your magic in the air / Then, finally, when you’re way too old / Have the gumption and ‘gall’ / to not care /

You jerk and you gyrate / Like your body crying out / It’s an explosion of a mega stim / Or, intensely, shaking it out /

Your glass withstood it all / Keeping you wrapped up in bravado / Distant in numb / But when you keep huge parts of you hidden it was FOR SURVIVAL /

Look what society has done /

I, consciously, need to embrace my energy / Lights to on, not to dim / You repress me / Writing is my love language/

Gotta let it sing


unmasking, society built around a neurotypical experience



Diagnosed in adulthood

..Ice cream hands after Raye

Ice cream man

Your hands cold and callous

The brain freeze enforced as a habit

If you first tasted sour, then let me

have it

The punishment of the sweet and sour

Longing for the sweet

The temptation in the intrigue

Evil looking for the need to be complete

You tasting sickly sweet

They should ban it

Even for adults, you were damage

The idealised critic that you inhabit

Wrong on all levels

But disguised as heaven

Funny that, as we don’t remember

when you had it

The goals you promoted that

were savage

Sweet choc ices that

were panic

Ice lollies that were frozen

We drove past it

And, it worries me, that people mistrust

those living their lives

They resent education and

invent self -serving maybes,

dangers and mights

When the fact that sex, consent and relationship education is necessary

Fresh tubs freeze their feed and, you

say, it seems trite

Because, you lay claims that

beautiful and information is

the enemy

When it’s those close enough or

in positions perceived as powerful

to put on the music

and turn on their lights


A whale fin

Snow on peaks of mountains

Crying for all that was within

The damage we do

The perfection, we screw

Door open with a breeze

coming in

Orange lights up the sky

like Christmas

and from fear, honesty or care

We have so many life forces to choose

Gust of continuation

Substance to reverse,

not even renew

We thought we were the substance

Again, it’s the energy bigger than you

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