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Updated: Mar 12

Poems: Misogyny, we've all been there, and being a sensitive person

Experiences and Making Sensitivity Beautiful


Hearing loud and derogatory discussion about whether or not men would ‘do’ you

I just want to talk’ from a stranger, believing or not caring, as if that would fool you

What reason would you have for wanting to talk to someone you don’t know?

Wondering if you dropped your purse

They push you into a place of guilt.. you’re the one who’s unreasonable.

Trying not to let the fear show

Having to be kind, polite and ‘keep them sweet’

Feeling obligated and when they take the no no further

The all - consuming relief

But still the fear and desire to get away

Not too quickly, afraid they will see

Anger at, just one, of their challenges (their nothings) going astray

Followed and being told in explicit terms what they want to do

It’s repulsive and not sure if they want to shock

Or if it’s their friends being there and they have something to prove

It happening no matter what you’re wearing, no difference with what you say or do

If you ignore, you’re snobby, rude, disrespectful

Shattering their right to converse, to take a piece of energy, of time; of you

Your soul is empty and if you become hypervigilant

You can almost blame yourself

You looked around, perhaps you attracted it

You don’t exist for you, just for anybody else

The who who fancies a moment, it’s just two minutes in their day

You are not just somebody’s daughter or wife,

but they are somebody’s son

Speeding up, breathless, your presence owned

He’s not out of sight enough to run


Feel deeply

Smile sweetly

Vacant feeling

Lifting shield and can't deal

Image credit: Canva

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