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Tara poetry

Updated: Jun 22

How it Feels

Feel like a child, who hasn’t

developed impulse control

But, also, I wait till I’m really hungry

Feel like I’m crawling out of my skin

Energy tumbling, down

Whistling, down dark holes

You stop

and that’s the END of the day

The universe, the solar system

Fire and flame remains

Still, but singeing

I’m to blame

Can’t move

Blankets, and T-Rex arms

One leg curled round

and out

ADHD Paralysis scrolls

in rotating doom

and I fool -


Tonight, it’s open

with possibility

Brain rotating

and fabricating

For the physicality,

there’s STILL room

I fold

No actions

Walked marathons in

the last twenty minutes

I’m not told

It’s all linked

Can never forgive myself

as I draw my legs in

Inwards, hands

and self-loathing, folds

There are no in-roads

No routes

I’m bought

and sold

by the society

that I blame

as I erode

From so many,

I withhold

Can’t be myself

with you looking

at me!!

Need a, something,

but the right something

to hold

Alone is home

Stationary, but awake

I’m told

When did your words

become my soul?



Image credits: Canva

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