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Domination, The Sun must be a Woman

Tara poetry



They didn’t want me

Yet, were glad I was there for the taking

Making me look ‘crazy’

But, when I’m saying I’m not crazy

Even to those party to your plot

Society makes me look more so

The book end, for observation only,

that sanity forgot

His words, his charisma

Made true, when the story drops

And, all I wanted was to reach for specks

of appreciation, in a world of dark

Wanted to feel I mattered as a person

Slowly releasing some of misogyny’s restraints internally

After beating and torturing myself

for re-puncturing my own heart

But, it wasn’t I that, first, stabbed the sword into me

Reminding myself a million times over, that

we are worth more

You’d trained me to continue doing

your work

Takes years for the clouds to, only begin, to part

And when they do, will they always pour?

Needing approval, less, from strangers

in order to determine my worth

A scattered soul, a performance

You taught me what was important

and, sadly, you got in there first

I’m not here to be subservient

My body isn’t the problem

It’s your entitlement to our curves

Your voice, your control

Your reasoning

When you talk like your commentary

is our destiny

When you try to convince someone of something, in desperation

It makes it feel less true

That was the place I felt stuck in

A shaming culture that we grow in

Your rule book was supposed to be our fuel


The sun must be a woman

Because, who else, would give so much love?

Warmth and understanding

A vision of outside, celebration

Timed by the darkness.. and covering up

Rain beats down through us

As if, wanting to demonstrate it’s force and power

We withstand and give the serenity of heat

and cool with our own showers

But everything that is unspoken

Is women and our true force

The s t show going off

We are furious, fight and stand our ground

Unappreciated and boxed into a template

Untruths surmounted, but buried deep within the earth’s core

That’s where, shamed, we rise

as attacking moments compound

The sunshine is told to ‘be nice

Maternal and loving

A little assertive, perhaps, but never nevertoo much’

The ice attempts to freeze us

and creates barriers

But sun and ice can Co - exist

In fact, some might call it

Wading through slush

Truth is, we speak, to melt down the slippy spots

While being ordered to ‘smile love’

Realities minimised

Ownership of our bodies assumed

Resenting us speaking

But, who else could warm each other

with their rays

While setting the world on fire

We are the vessels of love

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